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Rick Murray Excavations works with pool builders and contractors to satisfy all their swimming pool excavation needs. RME exists to provide a full-service menu of high quality, safe, reliable solutions and the stability that meets the demands of swimming pool contractors. We are a recognised leader of quality, accountability and professionalism.

Rick Murray Excavations - Our Fleet

Our Fleet

Our fleet of trucks range from bogie with an 11 tonne payload and go up to our truck and quad dog combo with a 32 tonne payload.

Rick Murray Excavations - Conveyors Mini Dumpers

Mini Dumpers

660mm, 850mm & 950mm wide

Use of our conveyors allow quick and efficient transportation of soil, rock or other material which isn’t able to be transported out using a skid steer or dumper. These handy systems are useful on different levels of land, making them a valuable tool for mini digs. Our conveyors are also available for hire. Call our office for a quote.

Mini dumpers are used for tight access job sites and they help to avoid pavement or lawn damage. Our range includes dumpers which are just 660mm wide, 850mm wide and 950mm wide. These machines can even fit through a door way or side access of a property and are perfect for steep terrain, stairs or travelling over rocks. These petrol powered machines are a great alternative to a wheelbarrow.

Rick Murray Excavations - Conveyors


Conveyors assist with the transportation of material and are especially useful when used in tight access and unlevel sites. Different lengths allow the conveyors to be set up as required for your individual project & save you valuable time.

Transporting material by hand can be a costly & timely exercise so our conveyors are a wise choice for your next excavation.

Rick Murray Excavations - Skid Steer Loaders

Skid Steer Loaders

1300mm & 1600mm wide

For those sites with access we use a skid steer loader to transport or to move material within or off site. RME uses skid steers to move the rubbish, soil, or rock removed from a pool excavation and load it directly in to a truck or trailer. Our skid steer machines also have many attachments to extend our range.

We offer a 1300mm and 1600mm machine in our current range. Skid steer loaders can be used on turfed areas with the use of our ground cover mats. These hard wearing mats provide a barrier thus reducing the impact on the turf. Mats are also available for hire on a daily or weekly basis. Contact our office for more information.

Rick Murray Excavations - Excavators Rick Murray Excavations - Excavators


0.8T to 5T, 800mm to 2000mm wide excavators

RME has a range of excavators from 0.8T to 5T, 800mm to 2000mm wide excavators which allow us to cater for a range of client requirements.

0.8: Our mini range begins with our compact 0.8T digger just 800mm wide. Ideal for smaller excavations this mini machine can fit through some doorways, making access to the site as easy as possible.

1.7: The 1.7T mini machine is 1000mm wide, a little larger than the smaller machine so the jobs can be completed quicker but still compact to fit through those tight access sites.

3.5: Our larger range begins with the 3.5T machine. Often access to the back yard is via the garage so our operators are experienced in adjusting our equipment to get the machinery through. The 3.5T is 1600mm wide.

5.5: The largest of our equipment is the 5.5T measuring 2000mm wide. This machine is used for those small to medium projects where access isn’t a factor.

Excavator attachments which extend the use of these machines are rock saw, grinders, augers and hammers.

Rick Murray Excavations - Attachments


Rock saws, Rock grinders, Hydraulic Hammers, Augers

We have a range of different attachments available to cater to your specific site requirements.